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Nathan Williams weighs in on the state of movies, filmmaking, and other related matters. From time to time.



Nathan Williams

After a too-quiet period this Fall, we’re thrilled to update you on the steady march of IF THERE’ A HELL BELOW.

The film is now in the final phases (throes?) of post-production, with final work on credits, color, and sound mixing taking place. Our cut landed at 93 minutes, we’re happy to say, giving us a film that’s tight and eminently programmable (hint, hint).

Producing a feature for the smallest of budgets is a daunting task—though of course thousands of crazy-brave souls do it every year. We encountered long-expected challenges as well as surprise obstacles we never anticipated. We also were blessed with enormous generosity from expected and unexpected places, as hundreds of people offered financial support, labor, ingenuity, and even emergency rescue services.

And how do we feel now that this phase is nearly at a close? Frankly, pretty darn good. We’re the least impartial audience possible, but as a team we’re very proud of the movie. It’s not without it’s flaws—trust us, there are a million small things we wish we could go back in time to do differently—but on the whole we think we put together something special.

That said, a film sitting on a hard drive or reel is really only half of the final product. It only comes to life when it comes into contact with an audience. A film is less a thing than a chemistry experiment. And while we’ve given it lots of thought (and hope and worry) we honestly don’t know how that experiment is going to go. But we’re eager to find out…

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